My Story

I have been a GP for 16 years, and have loved being in the role of Clinician, Mentor, Advisor, and advocate.  I have also been lucky enough to work for Macmillan as a GP Advisor giving me insight into the impact that cancer has on peoples’ lives. I am deeply inspired by the human experience – finding strengths we didn’t know we had, vulnerability, finding self-belief, and that feeling of shared humanity with all the grit, tears, and laughter.

Although I have been part of the medical establishment, I have always craved something more.  I’m fascinated by the power of the human mind, in our responses to both illness and healing. 

My own journey has been full of experiences, and I decided to train as a transformational coach after two friends were diagnosed with cancer within the same week.  It was the impact of seeing these two people plunged into devastating illness that made me decide I would dare to live my life with as much courage and compassion as I could.  This meant learning how to be my own best friend, developing resilience and self-awareness, and finding a way to create a working life that supported me as well as my family. 

With my coaching I work to support others to grasp their own power, to have courage, to try new things, to dare to fail, and to truly feel their human experience.  I love to work with individuals, with groups, by writing and speaking.

I like the Maya Angelou quote:  ““My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”  because I think it sums me up pretty well.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is an equal partnership approach to creating positive changes in your life.  Using active listening, targeted questions and coaching processes I will help you build a picture of your challenges, your values and beliefs.  The processes allow you to think differently and make effective choices.  Whilst we may reflect on the past, coaching focuses on the present and the future.

Coaching is most effective for people who feel motivated to create changes and who are psychologically stable.  I offer a Free No obligation 30 minute Explorer session (by phone or skype) in order to decide whether we want to work together.

How do I book – get in touch by email to arrange your free Explorer Session


Why work with me?

I provide calm and supportive coaching, so that you will feel able to make meaningful changes.  I have been a GP for 16 years, which means that you can have confidence that I am professional and have experience of a wide range of situations. I work very intuitively, using coaching techniques, as well as exercises to build your inner resources so that you will develop your own support systems.  My clients tell me that they leave sessions feeling “lighter, inspired, and with greater clarity”.