I have developed a particular interest in working with women and I have noticed that similar themes come up, whatever stage of our life or career:

  • Lack of self-confidence, not knowing how to authentically believe in ourselves

  • Concerns about remaining authentic when working in male dominated environments or powerful roles

  • Struggles with looking after our own needs, in the face of multiple demands on our time and energy.

  • Feeling like the only one who is constantly juggling, or not working at their full potential


I work with women individually or in groups, supporting you to find your deeper purpose, and develop your inner resources.  I will challenge you to look at your beliefs and assumptions, to explore the possibilities, and to dream.  I will also give you space to reflect on what is most important for you.

How do I book?  Get in touch to arrange your free explorer 30 minute session.

…you were extremely calm and compassionate, whilst also directing me with questions to dig for the deeper stuff…
— Samantha A, UK